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Harvest Blend

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Limited Release - Small Batch Coffee

You can also get this as part of our Cosy Blends Twin Pack

Origin: Brazil & Ethiopia

Process: Natural

Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Hazelnuts, Dried Fruit

Roast Level: Medium to Dark

*1kg bags only available as whole beans*


The Blend

This is a blend of two of our small batch coffee: Fazenda Cetec and Awash River, from Brazil and Colombia respectively. It is on a slightly extended roast profile for a classic dark chocolate and dried fruits flavour profile.


Fazenda Cetec, Brazil

Fazenda Cetec started as a childhood dream. The brothers Márcio Custódio and Izonel Junior, were born in a humble family. In their youth, they worked for the coffee farms of the region as coffee pickers. Knowing the importance of education, the young laborers left the work in the farms and began to dedicate themselves to their studies. After graduating, the brothers became university professors and after a few years as teachers, decided to create their own Technical School called CETEC – Center of Technology of the city of Lavras, in the south of Minas Gerais. This school’s objective was to provide education for young people from unwealthy households. They wanted to offer the possibility of education and a better life for these students and their families.


Awash River, Ethiopia

Awash River is a curated coffee sourced from smallholder farmers serviced by the river Awash in the Sidamo region of southern Ethiopia. These farmers rely on the great river and its many tributaries to cultivate coffee and sustain their communities.