Pippa's Diary - 12 August 2020

About Us & Our Coffee

Speciality, single origin coffee and coffee blends. Heart of a Londoner, roasted in Yorkshire. Our importers only source coffee that is ethical, above the minimum Fairtrade price, and have been paid way above the market price. A lot of work and passion is given to the samples of green coffee, from selection all the way to packaging. But you can't argue that the result is something beautiful.

We are a small, passionate, and proudly independent team. Our mission? How many precious moments with our life's most cherished people have we spent over a hot cup of coffee or tea? Phrases like "let's catch up over coffee", or "come around for tea" are testimonies to how these are more than just beverages. They are, in a way, bookmarks to events in our lives. From the mundane coffee before work, to the long-awaited chat with an old friend, we want to ensure that your bookmarks are of excellent quality.

Green Coffee

Coffee Selection

Blind Cupping. Our coffee was selected through a process called blind cupping, so that emphasis was given to the quality. The coffee testers were uninformed on the source, price, or coffee variety, although coffee from the same country are often tested together.

Roast Profile. Developing a roast profile for our coffee involved a lot of trial-and-error, as various roasting profiles were explored . Roasting duration, timing, and temperatures make a big difference to the final cup.

Description. Once the  it-factor has been found, a flavour description is developed, and maintained. The flavour profile is maintained by regular tasting and cupping of the coffee. 

Responsibility to the farmers

A responsibility to the coffee farmer is honoured and accepted, and our Roasters ensure that our coffee is roasted perfectly each and every time to give the coffee justice.

Mainstay Single Origin - Pippa's London

Mainstay Single Origin

What better way is there to showcase a coffee growing country's produce than to let it stand out on its own? Single origin coffees shine in exploring the world of coffee! 

These are our mainstays and we strive to make them available to you throughout the whole year. But make sure to check out our Limited Release Single Origin collection too for our seasonal and smaller batches of coffee. You can also explore our Brewing Bundles and Taster Packs.

Limited Release Single Origin - Pippa's London

Small Batch and Seasonal Coffee

Our range of interestingly exceptional, rare, small batch, or seasonal coffee. Great tasting fresh harvest coffee from independent coffee farmers across the world. These are roasted to highlight the best aspects of each coffee and to honour the hard work of the coffee farmer in every cup.


Speciality Coffee Blends - Pippa's London

Mainstay Coffee Blends

We blend two or more of our speciality coffees to creatively design coffee for you to enjoy. These range from rich and smooth, to vibrant and distinctive. This is a passion that we enjoy creating, and we keep our blends consistent throughout the whole year. 

Make sure to check out our Limited Release Single Origin collection too for our seasonal and smaller batches of coffee. You can also explore our Brewing Bundles and Taster Packs.